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PowerPoint Consultants sheffield yorkshire

Dr Peter Clayton
CMC CMgr FCMI FIC CMgr=Chartered Manager; FMCI=Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute; FIC=Fellow of the Institute of Consulting

Microsoft PowerPoint Consultant

Make better and quicker business presentations and documents by using an expert in Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software.


Spend more time writing and less time formatting your presentations: Intelligently customise PowerPoint with animation, templates and transitions. Cut 20%-90% off the time you spend on them.

word Support to help with formatting and layout problems to create professional quality documents, great looking tables and style. Dynamically synchronise tables and graphs from your Excel files into your presentation so they always stay updated.
word consultant Support and expert consultancy for one-off or ongoing projects for multi-national companies and SMEs.
microsoft word expert Experienced and accredited consultant: 750+ clients, Certified Management Consultant and Chartered Manager.

word business consulting
Ken Scott, Vision Consulting

word management consultants
Amanda Childs, Siemens PLC

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PowerPoint Services

Presentation automation and design.
Dynamically link your presentation to Excel tables and graphs.
Problem solving and support on frustrating Microsoft PowerPoint issues from an expert adviser.
Create dynamic presentations with animation, templates and slide transitions.
slide master Creation of slide master template slides.
Formatting such as bullets, numbering and paragraph settings.
Printing and layout problem solving advice.
word Create "Speaker's Notes" so you can see your own note and prompts on your laptop but your audience only sees the main slides.
business improvement Coaching and Training.
process flow engineering BPR Business Improvement, Business Intelligence and process flow re-engineering with an expert PowerPoint consultant.
Proof reading and copy editing Proof reading and copy editing by qualfied partners.
Wording for marketing, sales and presentations by wordsmiths

PowerPoint for marketing, sales and presentations provided by qualified partners and wordsmiths.

word spreadsheet services

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Key Benefits

Make quality presentations faster and more efficiently.
Automate repetitive tasks so you can spend your time writing the presentations than formatting and presenting them.
Create presentations and templates with better presentation with minimal effort.
Bespoke PowerPoint presentations that dynamically link to your existing data files instead of manual copy and pasting.
Help to solve problems quicker so save your valuable time for more important tasks.
word guru yorkshire Specialist consultancy experience in using PowerPoint, Word and Excel to run complex operations with expert data analysis and expert manipulation.
operations consultant Experience from over 750 clients served.

word business consulting

word consultants clients
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word consulting 2010, 2007 and 2003

word pivot table training 2010, 2007 and 2003

word support
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microsoft office specialist excel 2007 2010
word Expert Microsoft Certified
Chartered Manager

certified management consultant cmc
Certified Management Consultant

Fellow of the Institute of Consulting
word consultancy membershipword fsb member
Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute
PRINCE2 & MSP Practitioner, Project Management

word spreadsheet consultant london
Karl Halabi, Reading Football Club
word consultants manchester
Richard Jordan, Handcoded.co.uk
word consultancy leeds
Luke Montague, Eagle Rock Entertainment.
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All business and management consultants services can be in PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007 or 2003.
Expert help in PowerPoint, Word and Excel is provided as part of general business consultancy.
Based in Sheffield, Yorkshire; working across the UK and abroad.

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